Time to find the HedgeDoc logo

Before we can fully start our rebranding, it’s time to find a logo for HedgeDoc. If you are in a creative mood, have an idea or even be a skill artist, you are very welcome to share your logo ideas with us!

What comes into your mind when you hear or read Hedgedoc and what would you expect/imagine a logo to look like! Ideas, drafts and more, are welcome here! Be creative, I’m looking forward to the results :slight_smile:


I wish to ephasize one of @sheogorath’s points: we’re not expecting fully realized logos in 20 variations. At this stage, a scribble can be a great contribution.



I want to show you some of my drafts.
Discourse doesn’t allow more than one image per post, so I put them into a git repo:
https://github.com/mrdrogdrog/hedgedoc_logo. Just read the README.md

Here is a Preview:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:



Hello again,

I created another logo, that is inspired by my good friend @DerMolly from the matrix rooms.


Have fun!

Hej, I have done some scribbles and scanned them. I hope you like them:

This is my personal favorite and was basically the first :slight_smile:

And with some glasses…

Some more variations:

This one uses the classical logo you would expect for a doc and adds a hedgehog :slight_smile:

Some more variations on the doc:

And another one :slight_smile:

And here is the last version:

This is more of a mascot for the upcoming logo (the word mark - if this is the right translation - is still missing) and it could be kept in the comic style or I could also make a vectorstyle drawing from it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your feedback…


I really like your first scribble @pixelkind, the ‘cuteness factor’ is definitely there :smiley:

It should also work as a favicon, which might be a problem with @mrdrogdrog s Cody (at least the variants with a pen, which might just get too small to be discernible).

(Tbh: my favorite is Cody without a pencil and without border.)

I like @pixelkind s first draft. I tried something similar but couldn’t create a hedgehog with front perspective without creepy eyes :sweat_smile:

I love the first and fifth one, I they could make quite a good logo and represent our intentions behind HedgeDoc.

The last one is quite funny, but I think a bit too edgy for a logo :wink:

In general I like the comic style quite a lot and would love to see more of it. But I wouldn’t go with Comic Sans as main font :see_no_evil:

As we already talked about on Matrix, I think the drafts are great. I also prefer the borderless version, but think they fit better into some sort of explanation section just to represent the mascot than as a logo.

As already mentioned, I think this is caused by the fact that they are painted in profile which makes it less jumping out to you, which at least from my perspective a logo should do.

Hedge Banner

Not really a Logo. More a text banner idea.
Inspired by my good friend @davidmehren


EDIT: I changed the font color. It’s more color blind proof now according to https://mapeper.github.io/jsColorblindSimulator/#


I was bored and played around with the draft :yum:


Found that today and though it is cute.


Every time there’s a rebranding in a free software community, a plethora of logos sprout up, and often ends up in a gallery of horrors. Logo design by committee can be a heck of a nauseous ride.

Hence my joy at seeing the first proposal here! I find @mrdrogdrog’s original Cody – why not Codi? – really cute and recognizable.

Unlike its author, I prefer the one with the pencil on its shoulder, but it’s a matter of taste, and this character can be easily put in many different contexts and situations. For example, the HedgeDoc logotype could have it rolled in a ball to make the O in doc, or even be “written” “Hedge :hedgehog:”.

@pixelkind’s proposal can be another variant.

Another reason I like the :hedgehog: is that it’s an animal that is barely considered anywhere by the literature. Some suggested it was because of its promiscuity. As a gardener, I enjoy very much the presence of hedgehogs around, as they’re voracious of slugs and insects that can be deadly to edible plants.

Thank you all for your hard work and fantastic community!


Hello, here is my logo formula:
Capture d’écran 1
Capture d’écran


Capture d’écran 2
Capture d’écran 6


Capture d’écran 7


Of @eric_G s suggestions I prefer this one, because it’s more square.

I like the idea in general! It’s simple and unique.

The only thing that bothers me is the part where the curved line of the heart meets the straight line of the outer shape. In my eyes that doesn’t match.
I created a quick draft of an alternative version.

But the alternative version looks a bit more boring than the heart version. Don’t get me wrong! I really like the idea with the heart :smiley: … but something is wrong.

Any idea for a solution that is somewhere in the middle? :sweat_smile:

@mrdrogdrog thank you for your remarks! I have reworlked a bit the face and the nose: :rat: < :hedgehog:

Capture d’écran 16
Capture d’écran 17


I’m quite fond of #16.