Title and sharing URL - how to influence

I didn’t understand how I can influence
a) the URL for sharing (I always get some random name at the end of the path - the preinstalled not ends in a readable “features”). I would be interested to use both case by case.

b) how to care for a nice HTML-title.
I set a title in the YAML header but still get the “Hedgedoc - collaborative Markdown notes” title.
The “Features” note renders with a nice HTML title (without setting one in a YAML header).

c) How to change the document name (I created a note which displays as “untitled” in my owner’s view - how can I change it?

Thank you

Hey @tschloss,

welcome to the community.

a) Currently that’s not possible. The sharing feature is a bit odd anyway and we plan to make that all better down the lane. In fact there is a branch that adds “adding aliases” to 2.0 waiting on my main computer for me as I type.

b) The title is chosen like this:

  1. use the YAML frontmatter title (see https://demo.hedgedoc.org/yaml-metadata#title)
  2. use the YAML frontmatter opengraph title (see https://demo.hedgedoc.org/yaml-metadata#opengraph)
  3. Use the first level 1 heading (# Level 1 Heading)

It’s odd that setting a title in the YAML frontmatter did not work for you. Maybe you could show the content of the note?

c) The title chosen under b) is also used for the name in the history view.


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Whe are pretty active users of HedgeDoc in several communities and we use to live document our workshops. There is a way to configure HedgeDoc so you can get friendly URL (like features) and even we have an internal conventions for “ad-hoc” namespaces, so our URLs use something end in something like workshops:1, workshops:2, workshops:subtopic1, workshops:subtopic2 and so on. Unfortunately I just proposed the ad-hoc convention and friendly URLs as part of our setup, but I’m not the admin of our HedgeDoc instance, so I think that other people here could tell more details about how to do this. But definitively in HedgeDoc there is an option so you can get friendlier links instead of just a random forgettable string.