Transferring hosts with Docker

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.9.4


I’m rather new to containerization of software, and this is my first implementation using Docker. Can I check what the process of transferring hosts (I was testing on my machine, now I wish to run this on a DigitalOcean instance) such that my notes are still preserved?

Are there any backup options I should know about when migrating?



HedgeDoc itself doesn’t have a backup functionality.
It saves the content of all the note in the database.
The uploaded files are saved on the filesystem which should either be mounted or a docker volume.
So if you transfer this volume and the database then everything should work fine on the new machine.

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Thanks for your reply!

Sorry for asking, but I’m not experienced at all in docker. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction for how to package the two volumes for transfer? I’m worried that if I incorrectly copy them, I won’t be able to mount them back on the new host.