Translation of elements within

My version of CodiMD is: 1.6

What I expected to happen:

the CodiMD to be completely translated, especially when POEditor shows 100% in my language.

What actually happened:

There are many elements (mouse over, on the history page), and shown here:
that are not translated (or not translatable)

Is that difficult to implement? Can I help? Is it worth for 1.6?

Cheers, Tobias

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Good catch! This should have been translated already, but wasn’t.

The lines in question are here:

I wouldn’t mind merging a PR that adds the translations for them, as we’ll need them anyway for the new frontend unless we reinvent the wheel of permissions already. But for now it wouldn’t be wasted. Neither for 1.6.1 nor for 2.0 so yes, let’s add this!

I’ll see that I add those translations and I guess as soon as that is done, you can go ahead and translate it :slight_smile:

Exciting, thanks!

If there is no bot shouting that out, please do here :slight_smile:
I’ll cover the translation.

By the way the translation strings are now online, I’ll add some more this weekend.

Thanks, I translated the ones so far.
There is one on the next line “Delete this note” which you might have overlooked or want to push separately.

Do I understand correctly the roles and permissions that “guests” are “the public” ?

so “freely” is indeed “publicly” ?

Yes, I overlooked the delete note text and then added it in a commit that I didn’t publish yet.

And also yes, freely is where guests can edit :slight_smile: I recommend to check the features page to all details.