Two questions regarding notes databases


I have recently deployed Hedgedoc on one my LXC containers. Now, if I understood correctly, the way Hedgedoc stores the notes are primary in a databe (following the install tutorial, it it Sqlite initially). So the notes, or .md files are not dumped/stored directly on the file system by default, apart when one does an export of them? In that case, the reference for the default note in the config file to specify (/my/path/ is just a “template” note, saved notes are not stored under /my/path/?

Second question is related to if I decide to use MySQL for note storage. It is possible to specify in the configuration file a MySQL UNIX socket, instead of ip adress and port for the database?

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Hey @eisengrau,

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You understood that correctly.

Something in back of head tells me this was possible, but it was not well documented even by the library that handels our DB connections. Maybe @davidmehren or @sheogorath remember?


Edit: Sorry for the late answer, I wrote this like 10 days ago or something and forgot to send it.