Wget or cURL for Donwloading all Reversions at one

My version of CodiMD is: GWDG-Pad
What I expected to happen:
My boss wants me to find a solution, where I can download all reversions at once. He suggested I should try it with wget or curl.

What actually happened:
I don’t know how to get the reversion files through wget or cURL. Because I don’t know what URL to give the command as a parameter. The reversions are opened in a popup window.

I already tried:
To write into the terminal:
wget [the URL]/[the filename]
curl [the URL]/[the filename]
But all I get is the source code from that URL.

Hey @hedge_doctor27,

first of all: Your CodiMD Version is not GWDG-Pad as that is not a supported version number of our software.

To your actual question: This is currently not supported in HedgeDoc. You may be able to get this functionality by calling the correct API calls with login tokens and such (but as we don’t intend the 1.x API for any external usage, please be aware that your script (or whatever you’re building) could break with each new release.) If I were you I’d have a look at the api spec in the docs folder of the master branch (or in the docs dir of your local instance) and building from that.

The upcoming 2.0 will include a stable public API that should support what you (or your boss) want to do.


Ja, auf jeden Fall vielen Dank! Jetzt verstehe ich das schon ein wenig mehr!

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Well, if you want to handcraft your revision download script with version 1.x, here are some starting points:

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Woa nice, that’s the answer I was looking for.

Thank you,

Oh sorry, it’s not working. Is it because - like the other helpful member said - it’s Gwdg-Pad and not the original hedgedoc?

How do you come to the conclusion that it’s not working?

I can reach these links successfully:

For example (I created a new pad):

And when I type:

The firefox browser just shows the exact same page, but when I click on yours, it works somehow…?

sorry, I was meant to show the links:



EDIT: And when I click on those two, there is no difference in result?

I’d suggest using this link instead https://pad.gwdg.de/xc7GYqHBR3GnB0VzXapxiA/revision the last # is not part of the id…

Ooooh! It works! Thank you so much!