What does it means this error?

My version of HedgeDoc is: <where can I see that ?>

I have this error at the beginning of a note: YAMLException: can not read a block mapping entry; a multiline key may not be an implicit key at line 15, column 1: ## Doc ^

this my text at between line 1 and 20

tags: formation
Docker - s37

* Besoin/Attentes
* Niveau d'entrée
* Émargement bi-quotidien
* Évaluation
* Niveau de sortie

## Doc

* [La doc Docker](https://docs.docker.com/)
* another link
* another link

I already tried:
rewrite and check trailing characters, the errors changes line, always on the blank line

Hi @nguxx,

this error means you have an syntax error in the formatter of the note (where you define the tags). The error is that you try to end the frontmatter section with three underscores (_) instead of three dashes (-).

Regarding finding out your HedgeDoc version: Visit the start page of HedgeDoc and click the link “Source code” in the footer. It will redirect you to the exact commit you’re running.

Best regards,