Wishes for upcoming versions of HedgeDoc

I’d like browser spell check and “smart” revision granularity (save a revision when I pause for 5sec or more, or similar).

I just tested the upcoming https://community.hedgedoc.org/t/hedgedoc-2-alpha-1-release/1186 and it seems well under way. I noticed a couple of things that I’m curious about:

  1. When you edit code (using code fences), the ligatures still kick in. I would expect that they would be neutralized for code.
  2. I really loved the dark editor with Source Code Pro font in the dual view, with the result in light mode. Will this be available in 2.0 as well?

Congratulations for this awesome software!

Copying DerMolly’s reply from the original thread because it makes more sense here:

  1. I’m unsure if we can configure the ligatures this finely. But it’s probably best to request such a feature in the issue tracker and if it’s not possible we can close this and it’s documented for the next person.
  2. I think this is something we don’t want to have.