Zooming in on objects (reveal plugin)


I am quite new in Hedgedoc, but I already built presentations with reveal.js using HTML.

I wanted to include the “zoom-function” in my presentation: I don’t mean the transition mode for slides like fade or convex. I mean the effect for zooming in on elements when pressing ALT+Click, it’s a reveal plugin. However, it doesen’t seem to work, because nothing happens. This is what I included in the top of my document (based on a code copied from a Markdown Guide):

title: “Title”

  • revealjs::revealjs_presentation:*
  • self_contained: false*
  • reveal_plugins: [“zoom”]*

Where is the mistake? How do I configure the document to zoom in on elements in my presentations?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Hey @Sprebecca,

welcome to the community.

I’m not sure we currently support zoom-functions in reveal.js. Especially if that would need an plugin, which we probably do not include.
Also I’m confused what exactly you included in the top of your document. If I’m not mistaken we don’t have output in our frontmatter.


Maybe to add or clarify:
We currently support some “frontmatter” declarations in yaml-syntax at the top of the note. A list of available tags is listed here: https://demo.hedgedoc.org/yaml-metadata

You can define most (but not all) of the config options listed in the reveal.js docs as options in HedgeDoc via our frontmatter too. See the example below.

type: slide
  slideNumber: false
  controls: false

The reveal.js zoom Plugin doesn’t seem to be installed and we’re not adding more features to HedgeDoc 1.x, but you could open an issue in the repository for the new client of HedgeDoc 2.0.
If you’re more curious about the slide mode, you also could have a look at our source code for it.

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Thanks a lot for the quick replies, that really helped! I like the idea of opening an issue for the Plugin, as I am quite fond of that function…

Thanks again!