Change description and icon displayed in browser

Wondering how to change the description of the site displayed in the browser. How would I configure this?

Also curious how to change icon in browser from
Screenshot_20200425_143857 to Screenshot_20200425_143915

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I think you can modify the files in hedgedoc/public/* directly to change the branding (e.g. icons/favicon.ico, banner/banner_h_bw.svg, etc.).

If you use Docker, clone the stuff inside the public/ folder that you want to change into a local directory, make your modifications there, then mount your modified files on top of HedgeDoc’s default ones.

# download the codebase to some temporary location
git clone /tmp/hedgedoc

# cd into your docker-compose project dir
cd /folder/containing/compose/file
# copy the files you want to modify so you know what dimensions to match
cp /tmp/hedgedoc/public/icons/favicon.ico ./
cp /tmp/hedgedoc/public/banner/banner_h_bw.svg ./
# then modify/replace those files as you see fit

Then update your docker-compose.yml to mount your modified files into place:

            - ./favicon.ico:/hedgedoc/public/icons/favicon.ico
            - ./banner_h_bw.svg:/hedgedoc/public/banner/banner_h_bw.svg

Beware the location/names of these files may change in future versions, breaking your modifications.

Note that if you are still running CodiMD, then you should most definitely upgrade, because either you run a rather outdated version, that contains multiple publicly known CVEs or you are actually in the wrong community as we are called HedgeDoc these days.