Cloudflare response has changed using /download

I maintain a Flask application fetching markdown source /download from the instance. But I noticed that the response of CloudFlare has changed since this topic, and since the security level was raised.
My application does not go through CloudFlare, probably due to a token problem. (I precise that I didn’t need a token before, and that I fetch other hedgedoc instance with no problem and no token).

Flask response is broken and provide something like this in the browser address bar (i changed the token) :

How to fix this ? Is there a way to set up a working token in order to make the flask app working ?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, the security level was raised and we had to go a bit into bot fighting mode, which should be the source of youe troubles.

Out of curiosity, what does your flask app do? I would recommend to migrate your notes to an own instance and not rely on the demo instance. With 2.0 there ia the idea of moving to a demo instance that is whiped regularly.

Thanks for your answer. Here is the application : It simply convert diverse pad services (mostly hedgedoc) into static webpage.

I did moved the default instance from demo|hedgedoc|org to a CHATONS (Collective of Hosters Alternative, Transparent, Open, Neutral and Solidarity). But it doesn’t have the cut&paste&hosting image service !

The only request to the hedgedoc instances is made with

mdblop = requests.get(urlmd)

Let us know if you reopen some access to the demo instance. Thanks!