No more anonymous usage of demo instance

Hello everyone,

Maybe you have noticed that the demo instance got quite slow in the last time. We’re experiencing a huge increase in traffic.
We’re not completely sure what is uploaded but it looks like some bots are misusing the demo instance to distribute malware or other shady downloads.

As a first counter measurement we’ve disabled the anonymous creation of notes.

If you have important notes then please keep backups of your work! Just in case that we might be forced to reset the instance.

We’ll keep you updated.

Thank you for the advice; I try to save all my notes and after the first page of notes correctly saved, all notes on the second page returned me an error… and get back after. So: wait for the pages to display to save them, and it could take some time.

Thanks for noticing. Was their other change on the API ? I have a fetching pads service on demand, but it doesn’t work anymore. Do we need to be logged to download a pad ?