CodiMD becomes HedgeDoc

After a year of back and forth with naming confusions and other name-related problems, we started to take it into our own hands and come up with a new name. We did it back in the day, when we came up with “CodiMD”, and we did it again.

The new name for the project is “HedgeDoc”!

After starting a call for participating we had various submissions from contributors and we assembled a committee of active community members to discuss them and find ideas and criteria for a new name.

We had a first round ending in May, but shortly before we were about to make the decision final, our top pick was subject to some legal concerns, while others were lacking our confidence of being fitting names. A second round started and with all ideas collected, we were discussing two of them at the end. conotate and HedgeDoc. The latter one won, probably due to the cute idea of a mascot hedgehog that would make up a wonderful graphic series for logos, icons and more.

With some first ideas, here we are! Announcing the new name and looking forward to the awesome future of HedgeDoc! It was a long process, but over here people say “Was lange wärt, wird endlich gut.” (translated: “Good things come to those who wait”) and I think the outcome is actually a great name that people can associate themselves with.

We are now in the process of finding a new logo as well and would love to get more input from everyone in the community for that! I’m looking forward to your ideas and hope you enjoy the new name as much as I do!

PS: Our new domain is, but we haven’t put any content here yet :wink: