Renaming yet another time…

As I already mentioned in the “Your plans for version 2.0”-thread, I want to bring this up one more and work towards realization. CodiMD is a great name and we came up with it just a bit more than a year ago. Sadly, it causes a lot more confusion than being helpful right now, and I don’t think this situation is going to be resolved any time soon.

To me the way more important factor to this decision is that I’m getting tired of explaining the history of the situation and the reason why two projects with the same name exist, over and over again. In order to this done, I would like to collect your ideas for names in private. Either here, or on Matrix if you joined the community channel.

The reason for collecting them in private, is easy: I want to avoid crawlers to collect the names and buy all related domains in order to sell them to us, as well as avoid having names already being taken.

For the final selection, I would like to organize a “committee” (not limited in the number of members) which everyone who has contributed at least one line of code/documentation/…, a proper (means not invalid) bug report or was active in translations of the project is allowed to join. If you want to participate in that, please reach out to me in the same way.

I’m looking forward to your ideas! And hope we can solve all confusion this way soon :slight_smile:


Maybe get some legal advise who owns it right now?

At least with a new name, the project should legally own it. There are some organizations that can help with that, like and


We did it! Our new name is out! We will start rebranding once we have a new logo.

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